At Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic, we encourage you to use positive reinforcement training, including clicker training, and to start socialization at an early age. Training that involves punishment creates fear and, therefore, fearful and/or aggressive behavior. Many behaviors can be modified with committed training; we can recommend professional trainers for you to work with. Some behavior issues can be helped with pharmaceutical intervention. We also refer to a veterinary behaviorist who may prescribe medicine to complement your training work.

It is important to remember that some behavior issues may have a physical cause and we may recommend a thorough work-up before assuming a problem is behavioral. For example, a cat that starts urinating outside of the box may have an underlying medical condition.

Here¬†you will find videos on positive reinforcement training and clicker training techniques. For more behavior education and videos, please visit Sophia Yin’s website here or her YouTube channel here.



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