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Your pet is precious to you. We understand. They're precious to us, too. It’s why we come in to work at Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic in the morning. And because of that, we've worked hard to build an environment that people and pets actually enjoy being in. An atmosphere where you feel like family. Because to us, you are.

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We exist because we believe in providing dogs and cats with world-class veterinary care. Every case here is approached, evaluated, and followed up with the right way. We make sure of that. We take your trust seriously, and are always on your side. We pride ourselves on being a smarter kind of veterinary practice. There is a level of efficiency, collaboration, and polish here at Abingdon Square that is rare for this industry. We do it this way because your pet is worth it.

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Our team comes in to work because we believe in a cause: A better world for the animals and animal lovers who walk through our doors. This isn't about punching a clock; it's about improving the lives of the pets in our care. And that’s the kind of team you want on your side: A team who will take the time to educate you about your pet’s needs, to listen to your worries and goals, and to make you and your pet feel comfortable and well cared-for. A team you can trust. Give us a call today and let's start working together to create a treatment plan for your pet designed to keep them healthy and happy for the long haul.

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The bark of the town

The best vet - ever. They are SO kind, attentive, thorough, thoughtful, and service-oriented. Every interaction is pleasant, and they always go above and beyond. I don't live in the neighborhood but would travel 100 miles to stay with Abingdon; they're seriously the gold standard.  Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Alli M.

I've lived in NYC for 30+ years always with pets. This is by far the BEST veterinary clinic in manhattan! They are responsive! They are reliable! they are professional! They are knowledgeable! (oh, and BTW, I am a surgeon, so I know a knowledgeable and professional doctor when I meet… Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Laury C.

Terrific doctors and first-class service. I've never been happier with a vet!  Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Andrew G.

They care for your pet as much as you do. They are meticulous and very professional. I only have good things to say about them. Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Philippe T.

We just started coming here after reading the amazing reviews. The staff is so caring, kind and helpful. From the front desk, to the vet techs, and the doctors themselves. They truly care about the health and happiness of all animals. So happy we found them!  Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Kami M.

My first yelp review & I'm beyond happy we (my cat & I) discovered this vet clinic. The team went above and beyond to treat my cat, provide the best care, follow-ups, talk us through all care options and condolences after I lost my pet. I can't thank the team… Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Meredith F.

Dr. Shorenstein and the staff at Abingdon Square are second to none. The staff is always thorough, patient and accommodating. Dr. Shorenstein has provided our dog with the best possible care and we would recommend ASVC to all NYC pet owners. Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Jesse Z.

I will never go anywhere else ever again. I'm only sorry I didn't find these vets sooner. I followed Dr. Shorenstein here from the UES because I think so highly of him. When he was unavailable and I saw Dr. DeLorenzo, I was just as thrilled as when I see… Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Amy M.

Dr. Shorenstein, and the many wonderful admins and techs, make this a great place for animal lovers, and it's a veterinary practice that even animals are comfortable with - Iggy is not a fan of leaving the house, but he's fine once we get to Abingdon Square. I highly recommend… Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Matt S.

I've only dealt with Dr. Seaward and Dr. Goldberg, and they're both fantastic. I appreciate that the front desk and the doctors are willing to talk to you over the phone instead of pushing us to go in for an appointment. They always return phone calls and follow up. You… Click Here to Read More

5-Star Review

Joanne H.

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