Practice Manager

Our Practice Manager, Patrick, joined Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic in December 2016. He graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School with a major in Animal Science. He continued his training in Veterinary Technology at LaGuardia Community College in New York City. He also attended the New York School of Grooming and received his license as a Certified Dog Groomer. Patrick has extensive experience working in the animal medical field. He began as a Veterinary Assistant at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in New York City and then became the Office Manager at a small animal hospital in Harlem. He then worked as a Clinic Supervisor at a multi-location practice in the Tribeca/SoHo area. He went on to become the Technician Supervisor and Purchasing Manager at a large full-service animal hospital in New York City. Then he worked as the Hospital Manager of a practice on the Upper East Side.

Patrick’s knowledge of veterinary medicine and hospital management combined with his concern and compassion for animals and their owners makes him a valuable asset to the Abingdon Square Veterinary team.


Client Services

A native of the Lower East Side, Jennifer always thought she wanted to be a pediatrician. Then, when she was 18, she got a job at a cat hospital in Brooklyn. From then on, she knew she wanted to work with animals.

Having grown up surrounded by pets – her childhood home was full of dogs, hamsters, fish, rabbits, and guinea pigs – she first pursued a vet tech degree at Mercy College before realizing she actually preferred the clerical and client service side of things.

Her favorite parts of her job at Abingdon Square include interacting with pets of all different personalities and getting to know our clients and patients on an intimate, family level.

When she’s not working, Jennifer can be found spending time with her husband and two amazing daughters. Her furry family includes a toy Yorkie named Boogie and a Chiweenie named Cinnamon.


Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Sheena joined Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic in September 2015 as our Lead Licensed Veterinary Nurse. She attended Veterinary Technical Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with honors, earning her Associate’s Degree in Specialized Veterinary Technology in 2004. After graduation, she participated in a year-long internship program at The Animal Medical Center, and then worked in a small animal hospital thereafter. Sheena is currently working toward her veterinary technician specialization in dentistry; she hopes to sit for the exam in late 2019. Sheena loves that she has had the opportunity to combine her love of science, medicine, and animals into a wonderful, decade-long career.

Outside of the animal hospital, Sheena enjoys working on photography; she earned an Associate’s Degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in January 2016. Sheena received her black belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2017. Sheena is a native New Yorker, currently living in Queens with her husband and their two kitty cats, Dobby and Daniel S. Catnip.


Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in The Bronx, Helene always had pets: hamsters, turtles, dogs, and parakeets. She got her first puppy at 10 and says she knew then that she wanted to grow up and help animals. Once in high school, Helene joined the animal care program and volunteered at a small animal clinic. While she initially wanted to become a veterinarian, she eventually acquired the education and experience to become a veterinary technician and says her work at ASVC helping patients feel better and have less pain brings her great joy. 

At home Helene loves spending time with her family which includes a lively 10-year-old Shih Tzu named Trixie. She also enjoys visiting her brother’s country house, where she gets to work with farm animals. 


Technician Assistant 

A New York City native, Amber grew up in Harlem and now lives in the Bronx. She had lots of pets as a child—some dogs, but most of them rodents like mice, gerbils, and a few “fancy” (domesticated) rats. She grew up wanting to pursue a career as a crime scene investigator, but eventually realized that being a CSI might be too traumatizing for her. All along, Amber had taken jobs in the animal care field starting at a pet store and is now pursuing her veterinary technician’s license at LaGuardia Community College. She says her favorite part of the job at ASVC is helping animals who are sick or in pain feel better. 

Amber shares her home with her 2-year-old daughter Melody, a poodle mix named Cyrus and her cat Saturn. She spends her off time studying, playing video games, and learning to crochet. 


Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in Texas, Jenny has really always wanted a career as an international assassin—but says no secret government agency has contacted her about the job. (We think she’s kidding…or at least we hope so!) 

Lucky for us, Jenny settled on a less-lethal profession in animal care and has nearly a decade of experience, education, and certifications in the veterinary field. She says she loves giving back to the community by providing excellent patient care, educating clients, and helping keep pets healthy. Her special interests include nutrition, dermatology, and anesthesia. 

Outside of the clinic, Jenny enjoys cooking, video games, wine tasting, picnics, and spoiling her grouchy old orange tabby cat Thelonious. 


Veterinary Technician

Crechelle joined Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic in 2015 as a Veterinary Assistant. She has been a Veterinary Assistant for over a decade. She aspires to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. If you have been following our Instagram and Facebook accounts, Crechelle is the curator behind the cute photos and informative posts! Crechelle has a passion for rescuing animals in need. When she is not caring for animals, she enjoys watching Golden Girl marathons, baking vegan treats, and taking long walks with her dog Colby Jack Cheese. She shares her home with her partner, Mike, Colby, and their three cats, Stinky, Mommy, and Misty.


Kennel Assistant

Ashley was born in the Bronx and grew up with kittens and fish. As a child, Ashley wanted to be a special education teacher for children with autism because her brother is on the spectrum. But years later, when she adopted her own cat as an adult from a shelter in upstate New York, her life was changed for the better — and that’s when she knew she wanted to work in the veterinary industry. Ashley went on to spend years volunteering at local shelters before earning her animal care certificate. At ASVC, Ashley enjoys helping our doctors and technicians to provide truly compassionate care to the pet patients we see. She shares her home with her cat, Hermione, and enjoys cooking, reading and watching movies and TV shows in her spare time. 


Client Services

Markita was born and raised in Forest Hills, Queens. Her first pet ever was an orange tabby named Hector, and she knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals in some capacity. She learned much of what she knows from her sister, who has been a veterinary technician for more than 15 years. Markita also spent time training with a low-cost mobile veterinary program before finding her way to ASVC. Her excellent communication skills and ability to connect with clients has made her the perfect fit as a receptionist here at Abingdon Square Vet. She loves educating clients on puppy and kitten care, and greeting them with a smiling face every day that she comes to work! At home, Markita lives with three cats (Penelope, Dexter and Chase), one Pitbull named Hatch, three bearded dragons and a leopard gecko. When she isn’t working, she enjoys taking Hatch on long walks and dining out. 


Veterinary Technician

Sarah was born and raised in the Bronx. She got her first pet — a cat named Misty — at age 11. When she was a child, Sarah thought she wanted study Egytpology and explore ancient artifacts of the Egyptian tombs. But after adopting Misty and saving a stray kitty that was endangered, Sarah knew her true home was in the veterinary industry. She is currently a growing technician in training, pursuing certification to become a licensed veterinary technician. Sarah’s initial training was in ER and specialty care, and she has since expanded her knowledge through several practices around the city before coming to learn from us at ASVC. Sarah especially enjoys connecting with our patients and earning their trust in order to help them feel better. She shares her home with four cats and when she isn’t working, she finds it therapeutic to cook meals for friends and family. She also enjoys puzzles and taking photos of nature!


Kennel Assistant 

Born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx, Amadi only had fish as pets, but it was enough to make her want to grow up to be a veterinarian. She eventually attended college and majored in Zoology, but also received additional training at the Bronx Veterinary Center. Amadi says the part of her job she enjoys the most is the opportunity to watch surgeries and see how the doctors and techs interact with the patients. 

When she isn’t working, Amadi enjoys watching movies, going to the zoo, drawing, and hanging with friends. 


Technician Assistant

Jessica grew up in Maryland and Florida wanting to be a veterinarian. After receiving training in animal handling and as a veterinary assistant, she made the move to New York. Prior to landing at Abingdon Square, she most recently worked at Manhattan AMC. She says her favorite part of working in the veterinary field is using gentle techniques to handle pets and the love that she feels from our pet patients when we help them.

When she’s not working, Jessica enjoys cooking and spending time with her three dogs and pet chinchilla.


Technician Assistant

Born in White Plains, NY and raised in various neighborhoods throughout the city, Ali’s family had all kinds of animals including a boa constrictor, turtles, an iguana, a monitor lizard, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, hamsters, and yes—dogs and cats! As a child she wanted to be a firefighter because they had Dalmatian dogs, but when she got older she realized that the real source of that desire was to be around animals.

While she didn’t attend veterinary school, Ali has years of hands-on experience caring for animals of all kinds. Her interest in the field has taken her all over the country and in addition to New York, she has worked in Maine, North Dakota, Minnesota, Virginia, Kentucky, Nevada, and Texas. Ali has a passion for learning and says her favorite part of the job as an assistant is watching her efforts pay off as a pet recovers.

Ali shares her home with three mixed-breed dogs she adores and when she’s not working she enjoys relaxing at home with her canine family members or taking them on a hike.


Client Services

A perfect mix of Jersey girl and Rocky Mountain hippie, Carolyn was born in Bergen county but spent many years in Colorado. As a kid she wanted to be everything from a marine biologist to a potato farmer, but has spent the last few years working in veterinary medicine and has taken courses through the Penn Foster Program. She says her favorite part of working in this field is establishing long-term relationships with clients so she can watch their puppies and kittens grow up over the years.

Carolyn shares her home with a St. Bernard named Reggie and when she’s not working, she loves taking him to NYC’s many dog parks, hitting the farmers’ markets, making tea blends and ultra-marathon running.


Licensed Veterinary Nurse

A Brooklyn native, Staci grew up surrounded by pets that included cats, fish, a turtle, a hamster, and a rat. Her first cat Pyewacket inspired her desire to work in the veterinary field, and she made it happen by completing the Animal Science Program at her high school, getting a BA at Hunter, then earning a Vet Tech degree at LaGuardia. Staci says that emergency medicine as well as working with birds of prey and other exotic pets are her favorite parts of being in the veterinary field.

Staci shares her home with two cats, a Quaker parrot and a goldfish named Flounder. When she’s not helping pets at the clinic, she is a sports fan who follows the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Philly Flyers and enjoys reading, journaling, needle crafts, fishing, and hanging at the beach.


Client Services

Born in Castle Hill, Noelle has lived in Rockaway for most of her life and has always had pets. Those companions included parakeets, turtles, fish, and a dog named Rex, who is the reason she is now in the veterinary field. While she has always wanted to be a writer and storyteller, Noelle made a big impression on the staff of her local veterinary hospital when her dog Rex became a senior and needed regular medical care. They ended up offering her a job, and years later she is still happily working at a veterinary office!

Noelle’s considerable knowledge about animal care has been learned on the job, and she says her favorite part of veterinary medicine is educating pet parents and seeing sick pets get well when they get the help they need.

When she’s not at work, Noelle can be found with her nose in a book or crafting stories of her own. She also enjoys travel and spending time with her family which includes a dog named Ginger and a cat named Alice.