Closed on Friday, November 24th.

Telemedicine Now Available

Visit With Your Vet, Virtually.

We are now offering digital appointments through Airvet to complement ongoing in-office care. If you are interested in connecting digitally, you will need to download the Airvet app:

Get Airvet for iPhone
Get Airvet for Android

We will continue to utilize the patient drop-off service for in-office visits, which has been working very well. A majority of the time, in-person visits provide the best care for your pet. However, during times like these, we want to be available to our patients and clients who are not able to leave the home or have temporarily relocated.

We’ll be using Airvet during normal business hours to provide telemedicine consults to our clients – this means a video call with one of your favorite Abingdon Square veterinarians. Airvet will also provide you access to an Airvet veterinarian if you need immediate help after-hours. 

To ensure that you and your pet continue to receive the highest levels of access to care, please set up your account as soon as possible so that we can engage with you on the app moving forward. 

Some important details:
Airvet connects you with our veterinary team during our business hours and a third-party veterinarian outside of our office hours. Not all ailments are good fits for telemedicine, so please call us if you have questions. Currently, only clients with smartphones will be able to utilize this service. Please call us immediately at 646-876-2216 if you think your pet may need urgent or emergency care.

This is a big step forward for us as we prepare for the future — we’ll see you there!